how do i order a custom piece? 

email katherinechavarriaa@gmail.com/dm @katitbb with!!

text/imagery you like and a mini description of what you want. do you want specific colors? do you want one lil design in the front or one overall design all over? specific phrase? i recommend taking a look at my site/insta and maybe taking a couple of screenshots of the imagery you like. 

how much does a custom piece cost and how long does it take? 

this depends!! on the design and degree of detail you're looking for, the size, and a few other things. i'm all ears whenever you're ready though!

but if you're inquiring about a design that i've already created but just isn't available in your size (i.e. tu me fascinas, yo era tuya, etc.), it'll be priced the same price as online + shipping.  

timing wise, 2-3 weeks (once i receive the garment, if you're sending one)!! if you need it faster, let me know but there will be an additional charge. 

how do i care for my custom bb? 

the care instructions page is always there 4 u boo but if you have more questions, ask away!!!

can i send you a specific article of clothing? 

hell yeah!! i can supply a tee or if you have a piece that you just love oh so much and fits you oh so good, i'm more than happy to paint on it!